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3/8/18: Apple detective finds five more apple varieties thought to be extinct and seven others that were rare or lost

5/4/17: Corunna Applefest Cancelled

Sadly, we've been informed that Corunna's Applefest will not happen this year. The apple festival began in September 2014 and continued each September after at McCurdy Park. We've been told that Corunna Parks & Recreation is exploring the possibility of an alternate event around that time for the future.

9/24/16: Support the Shiawassee Apple Museum

We appreciate the support of apple lovers like ourselves. Unfortunately, we're no longer accepting donations via PayPal, but welcome your checks sent to 6214 S. County Line Road, Durand MI 48429.  Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address so that we can provide a receipt.
Your donations will go toward keeping this site online and growing, and could, perhaps, help lay the groundwork for a future physical Shiawassee Apple Museum.

9/18/16: See photos from Corunna Applefest 2016!

9/7/15: 2nd Annual Corunna Applefest set for Saturday September 24th through 27th at McCurdy Park.

3/11/15: 170th Anniversary of Johnny Appleseed's Death Sees Pioneer Nurseryman Honored As A Social Media Trend
March 11th is believed to be the date Johnny Appleseed (otherwise known as John Chapman) died. March 11th is one of two dates acknowledged as "Johnny Appleseed Day." The other, September 26th, is the date of his birth in Massachusetts in 1774.
As history tells it, after spending time roaming the newly formed nation in the late 1700s, Chapman, along with his father who had served in the Revolutionary War, reunited in Ohio in 1805 and started a family farm.

At some point later, Chapman left the family farm to apprentice for an orchardist, and after learning that trade, set out again, roaming the young nation establishing nurseries of apple trees.
His death is said to have been somewhat sudden, as he was seen in the town of Fort Wayne, where he last resided, just days before his death in 1845. Appleseed was 71.

Commemorating his life and work, 'Johnny Appleseed' spent a portion of March 11th 2015 as a trending topic on Facebook.
Read more about Johnny Appleseed here!

3/1/15: Corunna Applefest Dates Set
Mark your calendar for September 22nd through 27th for the 2nd Annual Corunna Applefest at McCurdy Park! Stay up to date at

3/1/15: Support the Shiawassee Apple Museum
As of March 1st, apple lovers can support the Shiawassee Apple Museum by making a donation using PayPal. Donations will go toward keeping this site online and growing, and could, perhaps, help lay the groundwork for a future physical Shiawassee Apple Museum.

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2/15/15: The Appleseed Journal: A Spiritual Message from an Authentic American Hero

Bartonsville, PA, January 29, 2015 – There's more to Johnny Appleseed than meets the eye and Dr. Stewart Bitkoff's new release, The Appleseed Journal, unveils the true story of this American hero, who very few may know was a spiritual man, and further that he went missing in 1843.

Johnny Appleseed is famously portrayed for his impact on growing the apple industry and expansion of his operation throughout the frontier. After a further look at Appleseed and his contributions, we discover that he was quite a spiritual man who ministered throughout his life's journey. The Appleseed Journal is based on actual events and delves deep into the era when Appleseed went missing on the way to a convention at the Church of New Jerusalem in Philadelphia. It's uncertain what happened along the way, but what is certain … he never arrived.
"Johnny Appleseed had a spiritual calling and provided apple seedling, a life staple along the frontier, as part of his work,” says Dr. Bitkoff. "It's rumored that Appleseed planted a message in Hudson Valley, New York so that it could be harvested by spiritual travelers in our time.”

Author of six published books on spirituality, Stewart Bitkoff, holds a doctorate in education and has served as a faculty member for multiple college and universities throughout the US. Dr. Bitkoff is a spiritual traveler and advocate for Sufi mysticism. Additionally, he specializes in therapeutic recreation, psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health treatment. Dr. Bitkoff is a regular contributor to online media outlets such as: Philadelphia Spirituality Examiner, Wisdom Magazine, New Age Journal, and Mystic Living Today.

For more information, visit:

2/14/15: So, we launched this site on Valentine's Day for people that loooove apples. And history.